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Led by Dr. Darren Kalkan & Dr. Brian Hooper, our highly skilled chiropractors use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide each patient with individualized care. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, we provide various services, such as decompression therapy, nutritional counseling, and physiotherapy.

We understand that no two patients are alike, so we provide various services to meet your specific needs. If you’re looking for a new and different chiropractic experience in Denver, NC, search for the best chiropractor near me, and you’ll find West Lake Chiropractic.

Our Services

After speaking with our trusted chiropractors, they will recommend one or more of these services. Below are the ways we can assist. If any questions arise, talk to our team.

Chiropractic Care: We provide chiropractic adjustments and other chiropractic care services to help you find relief from pain, improve your overall health, and achieve your wellness goals.

Decompression Therapy: Decompression therapy is a non-surgical treatment option for herniated discs, sciatica, and other conditions that cause back pain.

Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy can help you recover from an injury, ease pain, and improve your mobility. We provide physiotherapy services, including exercise programs and electrical stimulation therapy.

Cold Laser Therapy: Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment that can help reduce inflammation and accelerate healing.

Nutritional Counseling: We provide nutritional counseling to help you make the best choices for your health and wellness. We can help you develop a healthy eating plan, choose the right supplements, and reach your fitness goals.

Intersegmental Traction: Intersegmental traction is a gentle, effective treatment for neck pain, back pain, and other conditions. The therapy uses a motorized table to apply gentle stretching and traction to the spine.

Muscle Stimulation: Muscle stimulation is a form of electrical therapy that can help reduce pain and promote healing. The treatment uses electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles and nervous system.

Our Chiropractic Care Techniques

We use various chiropractic techniques at West Lake Chiropractic. We provide traditional and contemporary methods to offer our patients the best care. Some procedures our chiropractor use include:

  • Diversified Technique
  • Gonstead Technique
  • Activator Methods Technique
  • Thompson Technique
  • Pro-Adjuster Technique for those who cannot tolerate manual techniques

Conditions We Treat

West Lake Chiropractic is proud to provide care for many conditions. We treat both acute and chronic conditions, as well as injuries. Some situations that we commonly treat include:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Herniated discs or pinched nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

Whether you are suffering from pain or just looking to improve your overall health, we can help. We provide short-term and long-term care plans to meet your specific needs.

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If you are looking for a new chiropractor in Denver, NC, search for the best chiropractor near me, and you’ll find West Lake Chiropractic. We provide various services to meet your specific needs. To learn more about what we can do or to schedule an appointment, call us at (704) 489-1999.

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Meet the Team

  • dr darren
    Dr. Darren Kalkan

    Before choosing a career in chiropractic, Dr. Darren moved to Louisville, KY, and spent some time working as a waiter in a high-end restaurant. During one of his shifts, while bringing out a tray of food, someone barreled in through the “out” door. He backpedaled to avoid a collision and was knocked into the air, landing on the back of his shoulder and neck. Shaking the impact off, he continued working.

    The next morning, he bent down to tie his shoes and saw stars. For the first time in his life, Dr. Darren experienced the pain and nausea of migraines. Fortunately for him, the brother of the restaurant owner was a chiropractor.

    After three adjustments, the migraines were gone! That’s when he realized you can take care of the human body without chemical or surgical solutions, and he decided to become a chiropractor.

  • brian hopper
    Dr. Brian Hooper

    Dr. Brian Hooper comes from a 30-year lineage of chiropractic. It’s in his blood. Both his father and stepmother are chiropractors. In fact, they were all trained at the same chiropractic school. As you would imagine, Dr. Brian received chiropractic adjustments regularly while growing up. On the playing field, he was always a little faster than his competitors. Looking back, he knows that chiropractic care helped give him the edge. Today, he realizes its necessity not only for athletic performance but for overall health.

  • kim and savannah
    Our CA's Kim & Savannah

    When you enter you will be greeted by one of these smiling faces. They are the best & we are privileged to have them. They will apply all your therapy, get you where you need to be,  & have all the answers you need outside of your Doctor's personal care while at West Lake Chiropractic. 

  • dog
    Dr. Bob

    This is Dr. Bob our certified serotonin, dopamine & oxytocin therapist. 


  • Dr Darren was our chiropractor for years, we were so sad to lose him but our loss is your gain!! Absolutely the best and will always take the time to listen and heal.

    - Samantha Richards
  • We have been going to Dr. Darren for 3 years. He will be missed here in Michigan. A true asset for West Lake.

    - Jill Marie
  • Dr. Darren always does whatever it takes to make sure that you are comfortable & adjusted. Very friendly and easy going. Definitely missed here in Michigan.

    - Ashley Sumner
  • I saw Dr. Darren for over three years here in MI and he gives great adjustments. Also a friendly and down to earth guy, give him a try.

    - Samuel Vincent
  • Wishing you well Dr. Darren. I have appreciated the care & compassion shown by Dr. Heather & her staff for 16 years. I look forward to meeting you & hope all goes well for Dr. Heather’s new chapter

    - Donna Moore Smith
  • I have a hard time switching drs and switching chiropractors. Because once you find one you like that adjusts you without hurting you and is kind and gentle. Knows just much pressure to put on you, it’s awesome! I have only had only 3 like Him.

    So when I found him Bc he was great 1st visit, it was awesome. Very kind compassionate and makes you feel at ease.  I was falling a lot and then my job is physically demanding, walk into the office hurting and he would look at me and say what did you do?? I would tell him. And before I left the office he had me laughing and cracking up.  I sure do miss those “perfect” adjustments.  I have 2 chiropractors sinc. They don’t adjust the same!  I don’t think I will get anyone like Dr. Darren!!

    Dr. Darren glad to see your settled and building a practice and loving the Sun!

    - Mary McCliment
  • I had the pleasure of being adjusted by Dr. Darren. He is a very genuine and patient person and hears you when you talk to him. In my opinion He adjust every part of your back and makes you feel like jello. He is very intelligent and really takes his time with you as a patient, and he always has a way of making you feel comfortable during your adjustment. If for some reason you don’t like the way he adjusted you? Just let him know, he is easy going, he knows many different techniques and can find something that works for you. Dr. Darren Kalkan is good with making suggestions so your adjustment holds longer and breaking up the anatomy and physiology of the body for patients to really understand what is going on in their body. To conclude 5/5 stars for this Doc!!!

    - Michelle Lynn
  • Dr. Darren is the best chiropractor I have ever had. I even trusted him with my 77 year old mother who had rods in her neck. He is super intelligent, knows how to relieve and/or fix just about anything that ails you. If he can't, he is honest enough to tell you that too. Give Dr. Darren a chance to be your new chiropractor, you will thank me (and him).

    - John Haydamacker
  • I am a Michigan patient and a fan of Dr Darren! He helped me during a very painful neck injury (I wasn’t acting my age). I felt very at ease the first visit and formed a great Doctor/Patient relationship! I enjoyed getting adjusted and often deep c…

    - Michelle BEnsfield
  • As a former patient of Dr Darren’s, i can attest that Dr Melling’s practice is in good hands.  Dr Darren replaced the chiropractor I had been seeing, and it was a very smooth transition. His knowledge is unquestioned, but his caring nature and insights, made it hard to lose another fine chiropractor. I have no doubt he will do well there, and y’all are lucky to have him……

    - Mike Henson
  • Dr. Darren is the best. Sure miss him in Michgan

    - Maryann Simmons
  • Congratulations, Dr. Darren! I’m so happy and proud to see you settled and doing what you love, helping your patients feel their best!  I was your patient for many years in Michigan and you always took the time needed with me and your adjustments were great and effective! You kept my back/body in line, pain free and happy! You are missed

    - Kim Swafford Zeppa
  • I was privileged enough to have Dr. Darren here in Michigan. Its a tremendous loss here because not only was he a wonderful chiropractor, his personality is infectious, he takes the time to get to know you and he treats his patients like family. I highly recommend Dr. Darren and who knows maybe I need a vacation just to get adjusted 😂Congratulations on your new practice!

    - Carly Hamel
  • good morning, Dr Darrin was our doctor for years, he listens to you completely.. he is truly missed by many.. our loss is a your gain. no question is ever hard enough for him to answer, your health is his focal point.. best chiropractor I have ever had

    - Ronda Luttman
  • Dr. Darren was my chiropractor here in Michigan for years. He is wonderful! Sure do miss him but I wish him much success. Your practice gained a great man!

    - Maryann Simons
  • The best of the best!!! Cannot go wrong Dr Darren!!

    - Nikki NP
  • This practice is VERY lucky to have Dr. Darren on board. He was my Chiropractor in Michigan and I sure do miss his adjustments. That means A LOT coming from a gal who grew up with a dad who was an amazing Chiropractor. Best of luck to you, Dr. Darren!

    - Mary Kay Florek
  • I have seen Dr. Darren for several years and he has done me a world of good! I sure miss him here in Michigan, but for y’all down there, let him work his magic on you!!!

    - Maribeth M

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